Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Goodbye

This is just a quick post to inform you all that I will probably be absent from the blog for the next week, because I'll be spending it with my loverly boyfriend who arrived here in SC on Thursday. :)

Things are going wonderfully, in case you were wondering, and we're about to go see Tangled (for my second time). Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday! Yaaay!

See you all next week!

x Courtney


Rachel said...

Oooh, happy birthday! I love 'Tangled' too...and it's just as good the second time. :D

Isabel said...

enjoy the time with your BF :)

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Flashes of Style said...

Oooo I wanna see it so bad!

xx Bonnie

maggeygrace said...

I want to see Tangled SO badly! I have a huge crush on animated movies. They're too lovely. I'm jealous!

Yvette said...

such a lovely movie!