Monday, January 3, 2011


Jacket: Pac Sun, Top: Pac Sun, Skirt: New York & Co., Tights: Apt. 9, Socks: Apt. 9, Shoes: Blowfish, Necklace: Wet Seal

My lovely boyfriend of a year and two months actually got me the jacket and top both for Christmas! So I went ahead and wore them since he is actually moving about three hours away today! D: I'm happy for him because he'll be closer to his family and all...but the selfish part of me would rather tie him up and keep him here! But as my mother likes to say, if its meant to be nothing will break us apart. :)

The lizard ring I have on is from Wet Seal and I adore it! I don't know if you can tell but the gemstones on it are actual a smoky purple color, which is wonderful against the gunmetal. I love wearing it out because it gets so much attention- in fact my friend the other day actually got startled and jumped back! Granted she is afraid of lizards...

I've had these Blowfish booties for way over a year now but this is actually the first time I've worn them. The ankle is very tight and its hard to fit jeans into them without it looking all bunched and awkward, and I never liked them with any of my skirts until this outfit. I'm just glad I'm finally getting to wear them, because they're so detailed and cute!

I'm off to school tomorrow for my last high school semester! Wish me luck~
I'll have picks of my back-to-school outfit for you all...(its actually the same thing I wore for Christmas!)

<3 SB


maggeygrace said...

Long distance is so hard:( All you can do is say: "Long distance sucks. But FUCK YOU. We love each other and love has no limits" :)

kirstyb said...

lovely outfit

Elyse E said...

Lovely pictures!
Thanks for the comment :)

Isabel Spectre said...

I looove your belt! so cute