Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

As I said in the my last and very first post, I'm turning 18 on January 18th, and it's my golden birthday. So...I did what I do most of the rest of the year - regardless of whether or not there are any upcoming holidays - and went online window shopping. Only this time I had an excuse!

And from all of the wonderful things I have found, I compiled a birthday wishlist! I have a really hard time narrowing things down, so this was actually difficult for me to do, haha...and a lot of these things are way out of my own price range, but it's my birthday, ok?!

So, without further ado, here are some things that I would love to get for my birthday:

  • CUTE SHOES - Most specifically cute lace-up boots, cute flats and oxfords! Here are just a few:

1. Golf Style Oxfords - Forever 21 - $20.80
2. Leatherette Folded Cuff Boots - F21 - $30.80
3. Weavie Wonder Flat -
Modcloth - $27.99 (out of stock, though...maybe it'll be come back?!)

  • Colorful Tights - Lately a lot of my tights have gone and gotten holes in them (especially thanks to my new kitten), so I reeeeally need some new ones!

Any tights from We Love Colors would be great. These are $8.00, and I reallyyy want them in red and olive green.

  • Pretty Dresses - I love dresses, but I only have a few and I would really like to have more, and colorful dresses would be good too. :) I especially crave Modcloth dresses, because I can't usually afford them myself...

1. Neighborhood Bodega Dress - Modcloth - $47.99
2. Tapestry Collection Dress - Modcloth - $54.99
3. The Bow Monde Dress - Modcloth - $49.99

  • A cute & comfy coat - I only own one coat of my own, and I've actually had it for a few years (I just hate spending money on coats, haha), and I really need a new one! I love these coats from Modcloth. The one I already have is navy, though, so maybe the first coat isn't the best choice...but I just really like it!
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1. All the Mixin's Jacket - $94.99
2. Hawk Ridge Coat - $124.99

  • Anything else that is CUTE - Is that too vague? Ah, whatever, this is my wishlist!
    Any of these things would be cute (they're all from Modcloth because Modcloth is great):

1. The Plucky Ingenue Shorts - $79.99
2. Clothes Seahorse Necklace - $19.99
3. Nocturnal Tights (I absolutely love these) - $31.99
4. Mama Bird Ring - $17.99
5. Watch for Snake Eyes - $29.99
6. Just Stopping By Blazer - $99.99
7. Aerial Ribbon Skirt - $54.99

Ok, I apologize for boring you all with this wishlist. I guess I'm just hoping a wealthy and kind philanthropist will notice my pleas for cute clothes and accessories and will maybe possibly buy me something (CONTACT ME FOR MEASUREMENTS!)? Oh, but really, I'm just kidding. :)

Hope everyone is having a happy New Year, and an outfit post should be up later this week!


KANI said...

i love coloured tights, especially red ones!

happy new year to you! thanks for reading my blog <3


Phuong said...

nice wishlist, i hope you will get what you want!

maggeygrace said...

I love that second pair of boots- SO much. I kind of want them. SO much. Hahaha :) And those dresses are pretty! Modcloth is a great choice ;) Happy birthday!!! 18 is a great year!

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I really love those little booties! <33