Tuesday, February 15, 2011


(next cover of Vogue, yes?)

Last night I came up with an amazing idea for a blog post, and I was sooo excited to share it with you all today! I mean, this idea was fantastic - best idea I've ever had. And even though I was going to do an outfit post today, I was prepared to push that post back a day for this new brilliant idea. You guys think I'm kidding, right? No, I'm not. I'm serious, I was pumped. So I signed on to my computer today after a long first day at my new job (yes, I got a job!), and headed on over to Blogger and...


I could not, for the life of me, remember what my idea had been. Can you believe it?! THIS is what happens when you come up with a great idea while you're lying in bed and you neglect to write it down! All I remember is that it was perfect for the day after Valentine's Day and even if I remember it now, the idea won't work as well after today.

And so...I bring you this outfit post. As previously planned. It will have to be good enough for you, I'm afraid.
I wore this for Valentine's Day yesterday - which was another day of really great weather, by the way. I didn't do anything romantic with my boyfriend, because he lives so far away that it just wasn't possible. However, I did go out with my friends (including Sarah Beth). We ate a restaurant and were serenaded by a violinist...and then we went to a protest.

Well, sort of. It was an "anti-protest." Westboro Baptist Church (I'm sure you all know of them, and if not then I recommend a google search) was protesting a film that was being screened at the college that I'll be attended next year. It was a film about hatred - what causes it, how it can be combated, etc - and the church was featured in the film. Basically, they were protesting a film that preached acceptance, forgiveness and togetherness. Pretty ridiculous, right? But if you know the Westboro Baptist Church, then you know that it's really not that surprising.
Basically we stuck around for about 5-10 minutes of protest-ogling and then went into the building to watch the film. All in all, it was a very romantic evening (sarcasm).

(photo inspired by Black Swan...hehe)

So! What did you lovely people do this Valentine's Day?
(also, sorry for another humongous post!)

x Courtney

Cardi - old - Wet Seal
Tank - about $5 - Wet Seal
Belt - came with pair of shorts - Rue 21
Skirt - $20 - Forever 21
Tights - $8 - Simply Vera Wang
Necklace, Ring - gifts


Courtney Erin said...

I drank wine for Valentine's with some friends - and it was everything that I hoped it would be!

xoxo ~ Courtney

P.S. Love the outfit - the skirt is really cute.

blorange dice said...

haha oh my gosh, i hate when that happens! but i sure do love this outfit. you're so cute!

Rachel said...

Haha, I got a boyfriend for Valentine's Day. XD

You look so cute (Black Swan...haha)! The colors are really nice, too!

Giasaysthat said...

Loved the outfit


Brittany said...

aww, I love your hair color so much. And how you layered your outfit :D

Higgenbottom said...

it's a shame what westboro is doing. breaks my heart.

your outfit is cute and i love your hair! also, sorry about forgetting that brilliant idea! i'm sure it will come back to you. never let a notebook and pen out of your sight!

She is Sara said...

hahaha I hate when that happens! You look really cute! I love all the layers, and I have some serious hair envy right now!


Love the skirt!


Megan said...

really cute outfit. I like your skirt!

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

i love this wet seal cardi with the belt!

issye margaretha kamal said...

OMG youre soooo beautiful. and your redhair is stunning. I love your cardi btw <3

blorange dice said...

i still can't believe that skirt is from forever 21! it seems vintage.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You crack me up--- this happens to me ALL the time!!!!!!!

ps: These photos are bombshell; I love your poses AND your face. :)

Kenziefaith said...

This is such a cute outfit! Seriously. & Congrats on your new job!!

KF x

Catherine said...

That happens all the time! I hate it... so I try to write my ideas down whenever they strike.

Your skirt is so adorable - the color is perfect!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Just found your blog and I have to say I am so jealous of your hair colour!

c'est freak, le chic said...

I particularly like the belt, it's got a vintage-feel to it.

maggeygrace said...

Hahah, don't worry, all my best ideas seem to be forgotten shortly after I come up with them ;) I'm suer it'll come back to you! I love your layering! I'm glad you had a good Vday even without your honey:)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

That ring is so cute! x hivennn