Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enneagram: 6

The Enneagram
This is the second part in my enneagram series! For more information please read my first post. Today's personality type is Six: The Loyal Skeptic.

(Cardigan: Old Navy, Top & Shorts: New York and Company, Belt: Motif 56, Shoes: Sperry Topsiders)

Sixes tend to be good-humoured, funny, and very loyal, earning them lots of friends! So for this outfit I tried to keep it fun and breezy; I wanted it to look like I was just "chillin' wit mii bros!" ;)

They also love win-win situations. They want the best for everyone. So I made this outfit "the best of both worlds" by keeping it really comfortable! The lightweight shorts and soft cardigan are both stylish and cozy.

But Sixes also tend to be very paranoid! They contemplate every possible situation through their heads and worry about the outcome. So I made sure this outfit was versatile- if it becomes too hot, you can also take off the cardigan and belt and still look cute! Sixes are also the type who would always carry an umbrella in their purse!

Because Sixes can be indecisive, I wanted a nice mix of warm and cool colors. I think the best way to do this is pick a solid item in a warmer color and add pieces with cooler colored patterns or vice versa!

Thanks for reading!
<3 SB


Quynn said...

i am definitely loving those boat shoes! CUTE!

lala said...

ilove those shoes :o like!!!!!!

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Vicki said...

hi my dear! you won a prize in my big giveaway! stop by to see what u won and email me your address! :) xo

RaeAbigael said...

gorgeous outfit! love the combination.

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