Sunday, June 26, 2011


about the oddest (and creepiest) expression, thus far, I do believe

Oh, hey, it's me! Let's give this blogging thing another shot, shall we? Here's an outfit post! Woohoo!

Since I'm back, I'm hoping to make a few changes. I'll talk about the rest later, but for now I just want to say oooone thing. When I read some of my blog posts, I feel like I don't exactly sound like me. I'm goofy, and silly, and I made stupid jokes - and I think that comes across in some of my posts, yeah, but other times... I just think I was too detached from this blog, the first time around. I'm going to try to make it a little more personal, because I think that it makes the blog seem more friendly and relatable. At least, I hope so. We'll see. :)

since jump-shots are already so silly looking, I've decided that mine will always included ridiculous faces...

Anyway, enough of that. This is a special outfit post, and lemme tell you why.

For years, I have avoided heels like the plague. I'm 5'7", which I feel is plenty tall, and I've always wanted to be a few inches shorter. I felt like a giant when I wore any shoe with more than 1/2" of heel. But those days are over. I've taken the first step toward embracing my height...and I bought some wedges.

I love them. They are awesome. The bomb. Walking in them isn't awkward at all, and I don't feel the least bit ashamed of my height. In fact, I feel really good about myself.

And so, there ya have it. I am no longer a flats-girl. Well...I still do love flats, but you get what I mean.


<3 x Courtney

Top - $5 -Charlotte Russe
Skirt - $20-25 - Forever21
Belt - Forever21
Necklace - altered, originally from Forever21
Wedges - $15-20 - NY&Co

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Jo said...

Your top is so pretty! I love that shade of pale yellow! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

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